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Allergies – Entering Allergies into ieMR
Care Compass – Creating a Patient List
Care Compass – Documenting a Task
Community Health – An Introduction to ieMR for Community Staff
Continuous Doc – Using Continuous Doc Function
FirstNet – An Introduction to FirstNet for ED Doctors
FirstNet – An Introduction to FirstNet for ED Nursing Staff
Fluid Administration Tasks
Meds – Blood Products – Administration of Packed Cells, Urgent Packed Cells, Anti D & Album
Meds – Care Compass & Meds and an Overview of the MAR
Meds – Introduction to the MAR for Paediatric Medical Officers
Meds – Nurse Initiated medication order, phone verbal order and standing order
OERR – Cancelling a Pathology Order
OERR – Label Reprint
OERR – Opening Comments within a Pathology Result
OERR – Ordering
OERR – Pathology, Forwarding for review or sign
OERR – Pathology Results Doctors View
OERR – Pathology Results Endorsement
OERR – Pathology Results Endorsement from Patient Chart
OERR – Placing a Medical Imaging Order with a co sign
OERR – Print Requisition
OERR – Specimen Collection
Read Only Access View
Student – Introduction to ieMR for Student Nursing
Student – Placing a Pathology Order
Surgeon – Accessing the Surgeon’s Op Note
Surgeon – Adding Op Note Drawings
Surgeon – Editing the Surgeon’s Op Note
Vital Signs Integration – Adult Patient
Vital Signs Integration – Paediatric Patient
Vital Signs Integration – Paediatric Patient – Using Intervals Profile
Vital Signs – Managing Deterioration Input Vital Signs

Rebecca Rooney“The ieMR DIGITAL RELEASE implementation will support all midwives to give safe holistic care, closing the communication loop across interdisciplinary care, resulting in better outcomes for all mothers and babies in ourservice.”

Rebecca Rooney
Midwife, Maternity Services