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SurgiNet QRG’s


Accessing Patient Charts from Case Selection
Accessing Patient Charts from Perioperative Case Tracking
Adding a Comment in Perioperative Doc
Changing Perioperative Doc Type
Disassociating Encounters For Theatre Bookings
Generating a Theatre List
How to access a Logbook
OR Assignment Staff Assign ieMR Documentation Process
Perioperative Doc Orientation
Printing Records and Preference Cards
Retrospective Data Entry
Setting Events from Perioperative Case Tracking
Setting the Document Type Prompt
Urine Dipstick POC Testing AdHoc PowerForm


Add Procedures to Intraop Record
Adding Case Attendees
Case Attendees (Manage Consultants)
Case Attendees in Intraop Record
Completing Intraop Record Segments
Completing the Surgical Safety Checklists
Documenting Delays in Intraop Record
Finalising a Perioperative Doc Record
Managing Segments
Prosthetic Devices and Implants
Unplanned Theatre Events
Using List Boxes

Pre Admission Clinic

Chart Review and Phone Call
Clinic Boards
Clinic Orders Adding an ECG
Phone Assessment
Phone Assessment (Local Anaesthetic)


Case Selection Check In
Completing the Preop Record
Preoperative Checklist
Preoperative Workflow – PPU


Completing the PACU Record


Booking an Elective Surgery
Booking an Emergency Surgery
Cancelling Surgery after Patient Check In
Cancelling Surgery before Patient Check In
Completing Appointment Scheduling for Elective Surgery
Encounter Management
How to Set Events on the Emergency Tracking Board
Opening the Scheduling Appointment Book
Postponing an Emergency Patient to Another Day
Rescheduling a Surgery Appointment from the Appointment Inquiry Window
Scheduling Appointment Book Preferences
Setting an Event on the Emergency Board

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