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Navigating ESM

Customising ESM Preferences

Referral and Request Management

Actioning request list cancellation
Add a NRFC period to a request
Adding continuation referrals and updating appointments
Change appointment type andor location on a request 
Earliest Date Field
Enter new referral
Modify request or appointment details
Redirection of referrals to another service
Referral expiry dates
Request list and appointment search
Restoring migrated open referral info from HBCIS
Subsequent Referral

Appointment Scheduling and Management

Action a did not wait (DNW)
Action a no show (FTA)
Action check in and check out
Cancel an appointment
Change appointment type andor location on an appointment
Copying appointments to schedule multiple appointments
Correct a patient-resource mismatch error
Encounter Management
Linking appointments
Matching chargeable status payment class and funding source
Powerchart schedule view
Reschedule an appointment
Schedule a series of recurring appointments
Scheduling a chart review appointment
Scheduling inpatient appointments
Scheduling new appointments from a request list
Scheduling overbooking appointments
Scheduling review appointments
Scheduling walk-in and retrospective appointments
Shuffle swap and batch reschedule appointments

Resource and Slot Management

Add comments for resources, person and slots
Add or remove clinics or slots
Add unavailable appointments

Correspondence and Reports

Print administrative letters
Print Available Slot List
Print Batch Letters from discern explorer menu
Print daily appointment lists
Print daily schedule report for clinic preparation
Print reports from discern explorer menu
View documentation in ieMR

Rebecca Rooney“The ieMR DIGITAL RELEASE implementation will support all midwives to give safe holistic care, closing the communication loop across interdisciplinary care, resulting in better outcomes for all mothers and babies in ourservice.”

Rebecca Rooney
Midwife, Maternity Services