Emergency Department

Emergency Department QRG’s

FirstNet – An Introduction to FirstNet for Doctors
FirstNet – An Introduction to FirstNet for Nurses
FirstNet – Admin PAS-Link failure

FirstNet – Admin – Cancel encounter Cancel Discharge
FirstNet – Auto Text for Discharge Letter
FirstNet – ED Assign Provider to Patient
FirstNet – ED Departure Home and Letter of Attendance
FirstNet – ED Departure to Inpatient
FirstNet – ED Doctors Workflow
FirstNet – ED Encounter Flip – Admit wrong patient from ED to inpt
FirstNet – ED Encounter Flip – ED Discharged in Error
FirstNet – Generating an ED Patient List
FirstNet – ED Initial Nursing Assessment
FirstNet – ED LaunchPoint for Doctors
FirstNet – ED LaunchPoint for Nurses
FirstNet – ED Nursing Documentation
FirstNet – ED Pre-arrival note
FirstNet – ED Provider Check in-out
FirstNet – ED PT Belongings & Valuables Powerform
FirstNet – ED Quick Registration – Attach Pre-Arrival Note & Tri Assessment Form
FirstNet – ED Setting Workstation Location
FirstNet – ED Tracking List Toolbar & Icons
FirstNet – Entering an Alert for a Special Treatment Protocol
Firstnet – Inpatients transferred to ED (interim process)
FirstNet – InterHospital Transfer
FirstNet – Overview of Secondary Contact for Allied Health in ED
FirstNet – Placing Admit to Inpatient Order
FirstNet – Removing Patient from Tracking Board
FirstNet – Setting up ED Management Plan filter
FirstNet – WorkFlow Instructions
FirstNet – XR Printing Inter Hospital Transfers

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Dr Paul Lane
Health & Wellbeing Service Group
Medical Director