Medication Ordering

HOME MEDS – Document Home Medications
HOME MEDS – Documenting Insulin incl doses on discharge
HOME MEDS – Documenting Warfarin incl doses on discharge
HOME MEDS – Modifying Home Medications
MEDS – Allied Health MAR
MEDS – Adding Blood Reactions as Allergy
MEDS – Inter-Hospital Trans
MEDS – Patient on Leave
MEDS – Transfer Good Shepherd Nursing Home (Interim Bed)
MEDS – Transfer to Hospital in the Home (HITH) Process
MEDS – Ward ED transfer Nursing Home
MEDS – What to expect when receiving ieMR Transfer
ORDERS – Adding and Sharing Meds Favourites
ORDERS – Additives to Infusions
ORDERS – Adult Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
ORDERS – Benzathine orders and admin for RHD in Paeds Outreach incl downtime
ORDERS – Blood Products Administration Tasks
ORDERS – Cancel Discontinue Medications and Fluids
ORDERS – CHEM20 Orders at TTH
ORDERS – Clinical Review of IV Heparin Infusions
ORDERS – Clozapine Maintenance
ORDERS – Clozapine Prescriptions
ORDERS – Clozapine Titration
ORDERS – Creating and modifying Cross Encounter PowerPlans
ORDERS – Customising the Orders and Medication List Screen
ORDERS – Delete a medication order
ORDERS – Documenting Patient Weight
ORDERS – ED Emergency Packs (EP)
ORDERS – Enteral Feeds
ORDERS – Fluid Bolus
ORDERS – Gestational Diabetes PowerPlan incl admin
ORDERS – Heparin Infusions PowerPlan Adult
ORDERS – HyperSal strength change
ORDERS – Initiating Planned For Later PowerPlans
ORDERS – Incremental Dosing
ORDERS – Insulin dose to be determined at administration for Paeds
ORDERS – Insulin IV Infusion PowerPlan Paediatric
ORDERS – Insulin Med Safety Update – Insulin in ieMR
ORDERS – Insulin Patient’s Own Pump (paediatrics)
ORDERS – Insulin Subcutaneous Regular Carb Counting Paeds
ORDERS – IntraDialytic Parenteral Nutrition (IDPN)
ORDERS – Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) for Paediatrics
ORDERS – Iron Infusions- ANDAC
ORDERS – IV Amiodarone
ORDERS – IV Digoxin Infusion
ORDERS – IV fluid replacements for losses
ORDERS – IV Insulin Infusion PowerPlan
ORDERS – Leave Medication Supply
ORDERS- Magnesium Sulfate Loading and Maintenance Dose
ORDERS- Magnesium Sulfate Loading and Maintenance Dose- ECLAMPSIA
ORDERS – Mat Oxytocin Induction Orders
ORDERS – Medication Decision Support
ORDERS – Medication discharge reconciliation
ORDERS – Medication level required placeholder
ORDERS – Medication Reconciliation Admission
ORDERS – Medications to be administered in clinic
ORDERS – MET Resus Medication Transcription
ORDERS – MH Acute Behavioural Disturbance Management PowerPlan
ORDERS – Modify Cancel Reorder Meds_Fluids
ORDERS – Nutritional Products and Supplements as Medicine (SAM)
ORDERS – Nicotine Replacement Therapy
ORDERS – Obstetric Epidural PCEA
ORDERS – Oral Rehydration Solutions
ORDERS – Ordering a saved Cross Encounter PowerPlan
ORDERS – Paediatric Eating Disorders PowerPlan
ORDERS – Paediatric Insulin Overview
ORDERS – Paediatric Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
ORDERS – Palivizumab PowerPlan in Paeds Outreach
ORDERS – Pamidronate Infusion Paediatric PowerPlan
ORDERS – Phone Orders Nursing
ORDERS – Postoperative LUSC Oxytocin Order incl admin
ORDERS – Potassium IV Infusion
ORDERS – PowerChart Icon List
ORDERS – Prescribing Botox incl admin
ORDERS – Prescribing clinical trial medications
ORDERS – Prescribing regular and PRN doses of same med incl admin
ORDERS – Prescription reprints and amendments
ORDERS – Prescriptions ordering, cancelling and refilling
ORDERS – Reverse Allergy Checking
ORDERS – Salbutamol Stretching in Paediatric
ORDERS – Scheduling medication administration times
ORDERS – Statewide PowerPlans List
ORDERS – Subcutaneous Insulin Careset
ORDERS – Supplemental Insulin PowerPlan
ORDERS – Suspend and Resume medication orders
ORDERS – Tapering Medication Doses
ORDERS – TTH ieMR Insulin Handbook
ORDERS – Unlisted IV fluid orders
ORDERS – Using the Dosage Calculator for Paeds
ORDERS – Vaccination management
ORDERS – Warfarin PowerPlan Paediatric
ORDERS – Wet Wraps Paeds
ORDERS – Withhold Single Dose
MEDS PRESC – Fluid Sequence
MEDS PRESC – Ordering PCAs – Anaesthetists
MEDS PRESC – Order Subcutaneous Infusion Pump (NIKI T34)
MEDS PRESC – Ordering Cyclizine Subcutaneous Infusion (NIKI)
MEDS PRESC – Ordering DKA PowerPlan


Rebecca Rooney“The ieMR DIGITAL RELEASE implementation will support all midwives to give safe holistic care, closing the communication loop across interdisciplinary care, resulting in better outcomes for all mothers and babies in ourservice.”

Rebecca Rooney
Midwife, Maternity Services