Medication Administration

Medication Administration Quick Reference Guides

MED ADMIN – Adult Intradialytic Parenteral Nutrition IDPN
MED ADMIN – Adult Parenteral Nutrition PN
MED ADMIN – Blood and Blood Products
MED ADMIN – Blood Products for Renal Nurses
MED ADMIN – Chart Medication Not Given
MED ADMIN – Commence and Manage Insulin Infusions and IV Fluids
MED ADMIN – Commencement of Subcutaneous Continuous Infusions NIKI Pump
MED ADMIN – Enteral Feed Bolus Nurse Administration
MED ADMIN – Enteral Feeds Continuous
MED ADMIN – Heparin Infusions Nurse Administration
MED ADMIN – Initiating a Planned PowerPlan – Nurse
MED ADMIN – Initiating Cross Encounter PowerPlan – Nurse.Midwife
MED ADMIN – Insulin Subcut Carb Count Paeds PowerPlan – Nurse
MED ADMIN – Insulin Subcutaneous Carb Counting Paediatric PowerPlan – Paeds
MED ADMIN – Insulin Paediatric Patients Own Pump
MED ADMIN – Intravenous Immunoglobulins – Nurse
MED ADMIN – IV Burette Paeds
MED ADMIN – MAW Overview
MED ADMIN – Pavilizumab Administration in Paeds Outreach
MED ADMIN – PCA Nursing Administration
MED ADMIN – Prompting Nurse Witness Signature on Administration
MED ADMIN – Regular and Supplemental Insulin Administration
MED ADMIN – Supervising Student Nurses Administering
MED ADMIN – Tobramycin Admin and Monitoring for Paeds
MED ADMIN – Using the scanner

ORDERS – Gestational Diabetes PowerPlan incl admin
ORDERS – TTH ieMR Insulin Handbook
ORDERS – Incremental Dosing
ORDERS – Postoperative LUSC Oxytocin Order incl admin
ORDERS – Prescribing regular and PRN doses of same med incl admin
ORDERS – Prescribing Botox incl admin
ORDERS – Benzathine orders and admin for RHD in Paeds Outreach incl downtime
ORDERS – Vaccination management
Anaesthetist – Ordering Remnant Bag (Theatre to PACU) incl admin

Will Cairns“It is so helpful to be able to order pathology and medical imaging on the ieMR and the results are at our finger tips.”

Dr Will Cairns
Palliative Care Specialist