ED Nursing Guides

General Information and Customisation

Changes to EDS and the Viewer
Patient Care Orders Guide
PowerChart: Changing Encounters in Patient Chart
PowerChart: Documenting Smoking Cessation Pathway
Setting your Printer Favourites list

Documenting, Viewing and Printing in ieMR

Accessing and Documenting Power Forms and Adhoc Forms
Adding Family, Procedure and Social Histories

Auto Text
Continuous Doc – Viewing, Filtering and Searching
Documenting Acute Resuscitation Plan
Documenting Advance Care Planning
Discharge Against Medical Advice Auto Text
Forwarding Documents, Notes, and Results for Signing, Co-Sign or Review
Initiating, Documenting, Customising, and Discontinuing a Plan of Care
Message Centre – Signing and Reviewing Documentation
Printing Inter-Hospital Transfer Documentation
Printing Single Patient Labels and Wristbands
Progress Note Templates – Contents of Templates
Student Documentation and Supervisor Sign-off
Tagging Text in Progress Notes
Using the Single Patient Label and Wrist Band Printer
Using the Specimen Label Printer

Emergency Department

FirstNet – An Introduction to FirstNet for Nurses
FirstNet – Admin PAS-Link failure
FirstNet – Admin – Cancel encounter Cancel Discharge
FirstNet – Auto Text for Discharge Letter
FirstNet – ED Assign Provider to Patient
FirstNet – ED Departure Home and Letter of Attendance
FirstNet – ED Departure to Inpatient
FirstNet – ED Doctors Workflow
FirstNet – ED Encounter Flip – Admit wrong patient from ED to inpt
FirstNet – ED Encounter Flip – ED Discharged in Error
FirstNet – ED Initial Nursing Assessment
FirstNet – ED LaunchPoint for Nurses
FirstNet – ED Nursing Documentation
FirstNet – ED Pre-arrival note
FirstNet – ED Provider Check in-out
FirstNet – ED PT Belongings & Valuables Powerform
FirstNet – ED Quick Registration – Attach Pre-Arrival Note & Tri Assessment Form
FirstNet – ED Setting Workstation Location
FirstNet – ED Tracking List Toolbar & Icons
FirstNet – Entering an Alert for a Special Treatment Protocol
Firstnet – Inpatients transferred to ED (interim process)
FirstNet – InterHospital Transfer
FirstNet – Overview of Secondary Contact for Allied Health in ED
FirstNet – Placing Admit to Inpatient Order
FirstNet – Removing Patient from Tracking Board
FirstNet – Setting up ED Management Plan filter
FirstNet – WorkFlow Instructions

Interactive View (iView)

iView – Adding and Customising iView bands
iView – Adding and Flagging Comments
iVIew – Adding Clinical Information in Interactive View
iView – Associating Devices
iView – Documenting a Wound
iView – Documenting pain for Adults and Paeds
iView – Documenting Patient Tubes Lines & Devices
iView – Fluid balance charting
iView – Interactive View overview
iView – Modifying and Uncharting Data
iView – Modifying Clinical Information in Interactive View
iView – Setting an Estimated Discharge Date
iView – Student Clinician iView Entry and Supervisor Authentication
iView – Using Dynamic Groups
iView – Viewing Clinical Information in Interactive View

Managing Deterioration

Managing Deterioration – Overview

Orders – General incl Viewing Endorsing Results

OERR – Adding Orders to your Favourites Folder
OERR – Cancel/Discontinue and Cancel/Reorder an Order
OERR – Changing Ordering Physician Co-Sign
OERR – Changing the Date Range in the Results screen
OERR – Create a personal plan to share
OERR – Creating a custom Order Plan
OERR – Customising the Orders Window Display
OERR – Customising the Orders screen by Encounter
OERR – Modifying, Completing and Viewing Orders
OERR – Placing Medical Imaging Order
OERR – Viewing Information in the Results Section

Pathology Orders and Specimen Collection

OERR – Collecting a Specimen (Detailed)
OERR – Collecting a Specimen (Quick Guide)
OERR – Placing an Add On Pathology Order
OERR – Printing a Requisition Form for Outpatient Specimen Collection
OERR – Reprinting Specimen Collection Labels

Video Guides

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You can also increase the screen quality from the settings, again located on
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An Introduction to FirstNet for Nursing Staff

Specimen Collection


Label Reprint

Care Compass-Documenting a Task

Care Compass-Creating a Patient List

Managing Deterioration Input Vital Signs

Melinda Brady“For all of us working at community health, moving from paper to the digital record will mean that clinicians working at the hospital can see what care patients are receiving in the community. This will improve communication across the continuum of care which will be a good thing for patients with complex healthcare needs across our health service.”

Melinda Brady
Clinical Nurse Consultant