Doctors Guides

General Information and Customisation

Changing Your Role Using ‘My Experience User Console’
Message Pools Opt In Opt Out
PowerChart: Changing Encounters in Patient Chart
Setting your Printer Favourites list

Doctor View

Doctor View – Adding a Problem or Diagnosis
Doctor View – Create a Consultant list and proxy
Doctor View – Discharging a Patient – Modifying the Final Diagnosis to Principal
Doctor View – Discharge Process
Doctor View – Doctor Workflow and I-PASS

Documenting, Viewing and Printing in ieMR

Continuous Doc – Viewing, Filtering and Searching
Discharge Against Medical Advice Auto Text
Forwarding Documents, Notes, and Results for Signing, Co-Sign or Review
Message Centre – Signing and Reviewing Documentation
Tagging Text in Progress Notes

Interactive View (iView)

iView – Interactive View overview
iView – Documenting Patient Tubes Lines & Devices
iView – Documenting pain for Adults and Paeds
iView – Documenting a Wound

Managing Deterioration

Managing Deterioration – Altering Calling Criteria and Frequency of Observations

Orders Process

Cancel/Discontinue and Cancel/Reorder an Order
Changing Ordering Physician Co-Sign
Changing the Date Range in the Results screen
Endorsing Pathology and Radiology Results
Ordering PET Scans with a Diagnostic CT
MRSA and VRE ESBL Screening Townsville
Placing Medical Imaging Order
Printing a Requisition Form for Outpatient Specimen Collection
Viewing Information in the Results Section

Orders Info

Adding Orders to your Favourites Folder
Create a personal plan to share
Creating a custom Order Plan
Customising the Orders screen by Encounter
Medical Imaging Troubleshooting
Microbiology Ordering Guide
Ordering Multiple Instances of the Same Specimen
Pathology Order Status Definitions
Pathology Results Resource Booklet
Pathology Troubleshooting
Serology Ordering Guide
Specimen Management Manual

Specimen Collection – Using Specimen Label Printer

Collecting a Specimen (Detailed)
Collecting a Specimen (Quick Guide)
Reprinting Specimen Collection Labels

Surgeon Op-Note

Scheduling View

Video Guides

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Specimen Collection


Cancelling a Pathology Order

Pathology Results Endorsement from Patient Chart

Pathology – Pathology Results Doctors View

Pathology – Results Endorsement

Pathology – Opening Comments within a Pathology Result

Pathology – Forwarding for review or sign

Label Reprint

Print Requisition

Opt in and out of message pools

Melinda Brady“For all of us working at community health, moving from paper to the digital record will mean that clinicians working at the hospital can see what care patients are receiving in the community. This will improve communication across the continuum of care which will be a good thing for patients with complex healthcare needs across our health service.”

Melinda Brady
Clinical Nurse Consultant