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Clinical Deterioration Dashboard

Clinical Deterioration Business Process Guide
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Clinical Nursing & Midwifery Dashboard

Clinical Nursing & Midwifery Business Process Guide
Clinical Nursing Midwifery Dashboard


Disco is a search platform that provides clinicians the opportunity to explore unstructured data in an efficient manner.  This application is likened to google for ieMR clinical notes and can be used for quality improvement activities, research and other clinical use cases.

Navigation of Disco

IV Lines Monitoring Dashboard

For dashboard navigation tips and tricks, view the Quick Reference Guide

The All 7 every time poster is available to print and display

For a refresh on documenting IV/Central Lines within ieMR, view:
Documenting IV Line Insertion (Comprehensive)
Documenting IV Line Insertion
Documenting pre-existing IV line insertion
Documenting ongoing IV line care, interactions & phlebitis scores
Documenting IV line removal & Inactivating a dynamic group
Documenting Central Venous Line Catheters / Devices (CVADS)
Documenting an Implanted Port

See below for procedures and Clinical Competency Assessments related to IV/Central Lines:
Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIVC) Insertion
Central Venous Access Devices (CVAD)
Procedure for Vascular Access Devices (VAD) insertion, management and removal


  • Want to learn more or complete some CPD?
  • Want to see short, sharp video demonstrations on how to complete IV & Central Line ieMR documentation & care tasks?
  • ieMR have teamed up with the Clinical Simulation Centre to offer Clinical Staff the ability complete an interactive educational ieMR module.
  • The modules are divided into interactive modules for Medical Officers (10 minute module) and – Nursing & Midwifery staff (20 minute module). The modules are part of the Peripheral Access and Insertion Clinical Skills package but can be completed independently of the full course.
  • To access Learning On-Line and complete the ieMR training module please click here to login to LOL and search for Peripheral Access and Insertion.

Unsigned Clinical Notes

Unsigned Notes Dashboard Navigation Guide
Unsigned Notes
Internal Memorandum (coming soon)
Dashboard video (coming soon)

Melinda Brady“For all of us working at community health, moving from paper to the digital record will mean that clinicians working at the hospital can see what care patients are receiving in the community. This will improve communication across the continuum of care which will be a good thing for patients with complex healthcare needs across our health service.”

Melinda Brady
Clinical Nurse Consultant