The Townsville Digital Healthcare Program is one of our single biggest initiatives to improve patient safety and flow, and improve efficiency for people working to deliver care to patients.  The Program is a structured plan to incrementally connect information about a patient, and deliver that information to clinicians at the point of care.  Over the coming years, Townsville Hospital and Health Service will continue to invest more than $10 million in improvements to clinical systems, and working with clinicians to improve workflow and practice across care settings and across disciplines.

The Program is more than new systems. It will involve staff at all levels re-looking at the way work is done, the way information flows and the way patients have care provided.  We will introduce a comprehensive suite of interoperable clinical applications designed to connect information about a patient in one place and to provide clinicians with tools to streamline care across hospital and community settings.  We will be able to measure improvements in the safety and quality of services, release of clinician time to care for patients, reductions in readmissions and preventable hospitalisations as a result of this Program over time.

Melinda Brady“For all of us working at community health, moving from paper to the digital record will mean that clinicians working at the hospital can see what care patients are receiving in the community. This will improve communication across the continuum of care which will be a good thing for patients with complex healthcare needs across our health service.”

Melinda Brady
Clinical Nurse Consultant