Frequently Asked Questions

WHO has access?
Medical Officers, Nurses and Midwives, Allied Health Professionals, Administration and Operational Staff involved in the delivery or support of patient care.

HOW do I get access?
New staff who require ieMR access need their line manager to log a job through the QHEPS Self Service Centre or InfoService Centre on 1800 198 175. For further information on ieMR access click here.

WHO are we integrated with?
Cairns Base Hospital, Mackay Base Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

WHAT information is currently available?

  • Document scanning
    The document scanning of clinical documentation in batches via barcoded forms, or manually for non-Queensland Health correspondence or non-barcoded forms.
  • Direct Data entry for Advanced Growth Charts
  • Initial Structured Clinical documentation
    –  Display of Alerts (clinical focus) and Adverse Reactions
    –  Direct data entry of Progress Notes and Assessment Tools
  • Orders Entry and Results Reporting
    –   Ordering of Imaging and Pathology investigations through the ieMR
    –  Investigation results automatically return into the ieMR
    –  Ordering of some consultations and interventions through the ieMR
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Workflows
  • Device Integration for compatible ECGs and CTGs
  • Extra functionality available for Emergency, Maternity and Community Health

WHERE can I access the ieMR?

  • The Townsville Hospital
  • Townsville HHS Renal Haemodialysis satellite sites (Palm Island, Home Hill, Mount Isa, North Ward)
  • Townsville HHS Community Health staff who did not goLIVE in Phase One

WHEN did we goLIVE with the Digital Release (R3)?
The Townsville HHS went live with the Digital Release from Monday 25th July 2016.

HOW does the system get info?
The ieMR is a hybrid of scanned and direct entry clinical information.
Some clinical information, e.g. Alerts, Diagnoses, Progress Notes and some Assessments, is directly entered into the system by clinicians.
Other documentation that is still paper-based is prepared and sent to the Clinical Information Services’ Scanning Unit. Here it goes through a number of stages of validation to ensure the correct information is placed against the correct patient and encounter.

Will Cairns“It is so helpful to be able to order pathology and medical imaging on the ieMR and the results are at our finger tips.”

Dr Will Cairns
Palliative Care Specialist